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Jacob James

Boba, Bro

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So, my cousin, who lives in Taiwan, was on the verge of losing her flyer miles so she decided to use them up on a sneak attack home to the states to surprise her parents. Her brother and sister, who are scattered across the country, caught wind of the plan and decided to join in. The product, an awesome evening of spectacular tears, adult giggling, and intense joy!

Nuclear Winter. A playlist to download.

Summer Un A playlist to aid in that time before summer when North Korea freaks out.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe

​I read a little bit about this woman here this past week and since then I honestly have not been able to listen to anything else.  I’ve been actively trying to not ​speak or write in hyperbole, as of late, but if anyone is going to break that reformation it is going to be this woman- her magnificence is unbounded.  I truly, regret every moment and resent every person who didn’t tell me about her. The first time I watched her- every piece of my body seemed cheated and wanted to shout, “How did I not know about this?”

​Not that she didn’t exist around me in some sense;  It’s clear her influence is strong.  I don’t play the guitar and I can’t tell you the difficulties of what she is doing, but you can just see that she is doing something ridiculous, new, and alive.  To me, it is crazy that she isn’t held in as high of a regard as her contemporaries and isn’t proclaimed as a pillar of the genre.  You can see Chuck Berry, Elvis, Buddy Holly- all these rock forefathers grasping after what this lady developed.  

 Watch these videos and observe her take and give it all.